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T.L.S group a.s.
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About us

T. L . S   group a.s

T. L . S    property investment a.s

T . L . S   development s.r.o

T . L . S   building construction s.r.o

První smíchovská stavební společnost s.r.o.

We are an Investment Company where economists, architects and engineers closely cooperate in all phases of the project development and realization, i.e. consultancy and plot selection, design elaboration along with the appraisal of the project economy and financial cover, from processing complex project documentation, tender organization to activities related to the actual project realization including the provision of real estate services and realty sale.

Our comprehensive attitude to the preparation of building realization is connected with our effort to find a long-lasting financially most effective solution.

This means to produce together with our clients such a solution that will meet their demands and ideas.
The main focus of our company’s activities lies in the complex provision of residential construction, which is also done with a close cooperation with municipalities, Ministry for Regional Development of the Czech Republic, State Fund of Habitation Development of the Czech Republic and other institutions that may make the final price of realization more cost-effective.

The final price of realization much depends on the quality of project preparation and that is the reason why a house or building has to be designed very simply, purposively and functionally and at the same time all the architectural and building criteria of the third millennium living have to be met. A project also determines investment costs from which individual prices of properties on market result.



Architectural designs in coordination with client’s requirements.
When designing the main stress is laid on a good cooperation with clients through personal consultation with maxim effort to readjust the design according to client’s requirements. Outcomes of such work are architectural studies, projects for land management, planning permission and realization projects. We provide a complete project preparation; from the preparation of investment design to actual realization. 


A study of land utilization, processing and changing development plans. We provide the processing of town-planning studies, development planning documentation, their changes and data for their processing. All documentation is made by a team that works under the supervision of a member of Czech Chamber of Architects (ČKA) and Czech Chamber of Authorized Engineers (ČKAIT).


The execution of land resolution and planning permission, the realization of authorial supervision and engineering inspections of the investor during the project realization. 


Investment in properties and building projects. Moreover we offer the processing of complete investment projects, including cooperation during investing and investment provision, cooperation with banks, including assistance with acquiring mortgages and credits from building savings.


We mediate the purchase and sale of real estate. We offer a complete service for the purchase and sale of properties, including the preparation of all necessary documentation and contracts, legal assistance, advertisement, etc.


We invest and sale real estates. Our offer is to provide complete investment projects with the inclusion of help provided capital costs. Assistance in acquiring loans and we help communicate with banks.


The realization of over-ground buildings, tailor-made buildings, and all subcontracts of building activities and work, and supplies.


Property maintenance and reparation, bookkeeping and tax-keeping.